Power of Eloquence

An Engineer, Innovator, Designer, and a Polyglot-wannabe.

All rolled into one.

I’ve learnt (and still learning) plenty of good programming languages during my teenage years when I picked up my first family computer on an x86 Intel-based family PC with only 8MB RAM and Pentium processor back in 1993 (the time where the Internet was still in its embryo stages). Learning BASIC that came straight out of the box was truly an eye-opening experience for me. Learning to write basic ‘for’ loops, variable instantiation, data types, control structures etc, etc was pretty fun to build my first Hello World commmand line. Henceforth, it led me to pick up other languages later on from Java to C++/C# etc, building web/desktop apps.

Now, with the explosion of the Internet during the early 2000s, we witnessed the crazy plethora of web frameworks and countless programming languages bursting into the tech scene, unlike never before.

Everything from Javascript, Ruby, Scala, Clojure to Angular, ReactJS, Rust etc have been thrown into the mix; and, arguably, they created massive chaos.

The golden age of web innovations has never been radiated so brightly than before.

That’s what brought me here to write up my own blog. My inquisitiveness, fascination and hunger for learning multiple programming disciplines motivated me in expressing my own thoughts and views on how we can achieve such innovations. The same innovations that can change the world for the greater good of the society. Innovators, engineers, designers and mavericks alike will come forth in challenging themselves to push them outside of their comfort zones; ready to take their craftmanships to the next level in order to meet those challenges of the mordern 21st century.

And we can only do that if we keep an open mind for different tools and languages. Be ready to immerse ourselves in those ‘eye-opening’ moments - just like I had mine, all those years ago…

With it, we can achieve extraordinary things.

In short, it’s about the art of mastering craftsmanship. It’s about finding your eloquence.

This is my eloquent journey to you.

Happy Coding days ahead!