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Looking back the year of 2020...

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// when the giant red button got triggered - 🚨🚨
async function globalWHOAlertSystem(pandemicAlertLevel, globalToiletPaperSupplyChain) {
	let message = document.getElementById("message");
    message.innerHTML = "";
	try {
		do {
			const areWeDoomed = await globalToiletPaperSupplyChain.verifyStockLevel()
			if (areWeDoomed) throw "We are so screwed😱!!"
		while (pandemicAlertLevel > 60000); // it's over 60,000!
	} catch (err) {
		message.innerHTML = err;

Well, the code snippet above pretty much summarises everything we all knew what the year of 2020 has brought us.

All small jokes aside, this year has been an incredibly difficult year for all, especially for the tech community in general.

Countless of tech meetups, tech networking events and tech conferences have either been postponed indefinitely, rescheduled or cancelled altogether around the world.

Thus everything from JS, Python, Docker, AWS, Blockchain, and UI/UX meetups were a huge miss for me this year as part of my life-long passions for technology used in business.

But regardless of how the pandemic turns out, eventually it will be resolved or contained by health community experts trying their very best to combat its deadly virulence from spreading further.

Just like the past pandemics before us.

They come and go.

And technology realms will always keep moving forth regardless of the nature pandemic comes with..

Technology trends will always run in constant flow..

That we all can bet on.

However, sadly, not all things can join and follow the same flow.

Many people on this planet have lost their loved ones during this pandemic; whether they actually contracted the virus or not.

On a personal level, I lost someone that is very close to me.

My father recently passed away due to a heavy stroke he fell early this year.

The hardest part of this pandemic is it’s forced me not to be with my father physically one more time in his presence due to the international border lockdowns rules. And my family in NZ had little or choice not to wait for the 2 week period for me to arrive at the Auckland aiport airport to attend his funeral.

With that, I was left with no choice but to live with the rest of my life that I would never get to utter my words of goodbye to my father face-to-face before he was sent for the ashes.

I had to use virtual experiences via Whatsapp video calls instead to see his lifeless body one last time…

There are no simple words to make this whole thing better.

In the beginning, I want to lead my dev life of 2020 to come out with a great bang.

But I feared this is not the case.

Can we still be happy coder moving forth in the midst all of this? Will I be able to continue writing blogs post in the near future?

Naturally, it will.

When all things passed and the grief subsides..

All in all, it’s been a trying year for everyone.

Final message - look after yourself and your love ones very closely.

Appreciate their presence with all your love and care for they do want the best for you in all aspects of life. You’ll never know once they’re gone from your life..

Till then, here’s to many years of future Happy Coding days ahead.

God Bless.